Resources for live in care workers

Unrealistic MP Expectations Contrast with Care Sector Crisis
Date created: 13/10/2016

A care crisis that could be unparalleled in British history is threatening to leave thousands of elderly people uncared for, according to a new report. .. read more

Dress Suggestions for Care Work
Date created: 10/10/2016

Every one of us likes to dress well, we follow fashion – perhaps! Either way, we have our own style of dressing. However, when we take on the job of caring we should take a little time to think about the way we dress... read more

Immigration Restrictions Could Lead to Lack of Staff
Date created: 10/10/2016

A new report warns that the future of some businesses is at risk if the government goes ahead with its plan to curb immigration... read more

5 Reasons to Become a Carer
Date created: 10/10/2016

Everyone who becomes a carer does it for their own personal reasons. It’s not the easiest job in the world and also not everyone is suited to it. I am sure every carer has his or her own reason, but I’ve looked at just five here which you may be able to relate to... read more

Report Warns That More Migration Will Add Further Pressure to Social Care Sector
Date created: 04/10/2016

A new report has claimed that continued migration will add unbearable pressure on an already struggling social care sector. The report warns that filling roles with foreign labour will further undercut existing wages and will undermine efforts to improve working conditions for carers... read more

Are Live-In Carers entitled to 24 hour pay?
Date created: 29/09/2016

There have been a few discussions claiming that Live-In Carers may be entitled to 24 hour pay. This may be because of recent news coverage about a group of carers.. read more

Basic Food Preparation
Date created: 28/09/2016

It is a sad but true fact that many people do not know very much about basic food preparation. Even having been through your initial training, you will eventually come across a situation that has you rolling your eyes in horror at the state of the fridge or deep freeze when you arrive... read more

Abuse Involving Adults with Learning Disabilities in Social Care Services
Date created: 28/09/2016

The Government White Paper 'Modernising Social Services' which was published at the end of 1998 clearly states that it must be our intention to provide better protection for individuals needing care and support. We are committed to providing greater protection to victims and witnesses... read more

Research into the Effects of Care on a Carer's Quality of Life
Date created: 26/09/2016

A team in Bradford has recently begun undertaking research that is looking into the effects that caring for people has on the carer themselves... read more

Sevacare Minimum Wage Dispute
Date created: 19/09/2016

17 care workers claiming to have been paid less than half the minimum wages have put the wheels into motion for what is possibly the largest legal claim against the Care Sector. This may well be one of the worst breach of pay rules ever to be seen... read more