Resources for live in care workers

Protecting your Client's Brain - and yours!
Date created: 18/01/2017

As a carer, you will often find that your client with Dementia repeats the same word or phrase over, and over again. While this does not do any harm to your client, it is one thing that will – over a period of time – drive you dippy! Let’s be honest here, no one likes to answer the same question again, and again!.. read more

Qualities That Make A Carer
Date created: 17/01/2017

Every profession has certain requirements and caring is no different. There are certain characteristics that you will find in every carer you meet. If you are genuinely interested in following this career path, then take a good look at yourself and see if you can relate to these. They are by no means all the qualities that make a carer, but they are a starting point... read more

Diet and Exercise
Date created: 06/01/2017

Being a carer sometimes means that you spend so much time taking care of your client that you forget about taking care of yourself. It is really important that you keep yourself in good health at all times so you can do your best at the job... read more

Different Levels of Live In Care
Date created: 06/01/2017

The great advantage of live in care is that there are many different packages which can be adjusted to every individual person who needs care. Live in care provides support for a whole range of conditions and disabilities... read more

Preventing your dementia client from wandering
Date created: 21/12/2016

Statistics show that six out of ten people with dementia are prone to wander, and bearing in mind that as carers, a vast percentage of our clients have dementia, it stands to reason that sometime we will be with a client who has dementia and likes to wander... read more

Seven Things a Carer Should Never Do
Date created: 21/12/2016

Care work – whether it is live in or daily care, the job is extremely difficult, although it is also rewarding. Carers will make an impact on the client they take care of, and also on any family members that you come into contact with. However, with this job there also comes responsibility. There are things which are acceptable for a carer to do and there are others which are not acceptable, for one reason or another... read more

Difference between live in care and 24 hour care
Date created: 09/12/2016

Very often people are not aware of the difference between live in care and 24 hour care. Often live in care is advertised as 24 hour care adding further confusion. Then the clients feel mis-led when they realise that no one person can work 24 hours a day without a break... read more

Myths About Disabled Badges
Date created: 06/12/2016

As a carer, you will - sooner or later - come into a situation where you will have a disabled badge to use when you and your client use the car. Millions of disabled people use these and, depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer to your question about them every time. .. read more

Signs You Need a Break
Date created: 05/12/2016

It is common knowledge that people who work in the care industry - whether it be caring for a relative, doing hourly or day care, or doing live in care – are constantly overworked and often face carer burnout. The work is often exhausting and the hours are always long and tedious... read more

Dealing with a Fall
Date created: 18/11/2016

This is probably one of the most stressful situations that you as a carer will find yourself in. There are always risks involved when you transfer a person from one place to another. Whether transferring means going from lying to sitting, sitting to standing, standing to turning, the risk is always there. Even lowering a person down to a chair may put them and you at risk... read more