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Patients to help themselves – the Health-Care Industry is pushing for this
Date created: 20/03/2018

Providers in the USA are using more personalised approaches to ensure patients become more involved in their own care... read more

15-minute Dementia visits are not enough – IQTimecard to help with home care schedules
Date created: 12/02/2018

New rules from the Care Quality Commission mean that home care providers must offer visits which last longer than 15 minutes. To this end, one of the UK’s leading workforce management companies, IQTimecard has become involved in ensuring that this new rule is followed... read more

Alzheimer’s experts predict dementia numbers to reach 1.2 million by 2040
Date created: 22/01/2018

New – and frightening – research indicates that the amount of people who live with dementia in England and Wales, will dramatically rise to 1.2 million, by 2040. This is primarily because life expectancy has increased... read more

The Social Care Sector – why it’s hard to attract young people
Date created: 18/01/2018

There is a huge shortage of care workers, with literally hundreds of job vacancies. So why is it that young people are not choosing this as a career? One of the reasons is possibly the lack of awareness about the job, and all it entails... read more

Health and Social Care – 5 issues to consider after the Brexit vote
Date created: 04/12/2017

In light of the UK decision to leave the EU, some points have been raised by the King’s Fund think-tank. Leaving the EU brings some uncertainty to the health and social care system, which is already facing increasing pressures... read more

Care crisis means ‘Jet-in’ carers from Spain take advantage of UK jobs
Date created: 23/11/2017

Because of the crisis in the healthcare sector, and the shortage of carers, there is now an influx of people flying to Britain to take advantage of the glut of job positions. Barmaids, builders, and in fact anyone who is in financial difficulty in Europe can fly into Britain to earn a living caring for the elderly... read more

Exercise, not rest, for elderly, say the doctors
Date created: 09/11/2017

Exercise and physical activity should be a part of the daily routine for older people, instead of resting. In a recent report in the British Medical Journal, the statement was released saying that there is a need to change the present way of thinking about exercise. .. read more

The balancing act between care and work – one million people do it
Date created: 02/11/2017

A staggering 1 million employees may well be juggling jobs and care responsibilities, without informing their bosses. The reason for keeping quiet about this is because they are scared to tell anyone, in case there are repercussions... read more

Social Care workers better able to deal with trauma, with the help of yoga and meditation
Date created: 17/10/2017

According to primary therapist Molly Rose Zametkin, there are many social care professionals who rely on yoga and meditation to cope with the demands of the job. Care work requires resilience and selflessness, and taking part in these disciplines gives them a chance to take time for themselves, which in turn, helps them better care for others... read more

Men in a social care career – how can we encourage this?
Date created: 16/10/2017

Taking into consideration the amount or pressure on the care sector, it is time to set aside stereotypes of care workers, to support gender equality, and encourage more men in this sector... read more