Resources for live in care workers | page 1

How to Ace Your Care Job Application: Tips for Candidates
Date created: 03/25/2021

A guide for carers to improve their chances of being hired for jobs... read more

How to write a live-in carer’s job description?
Date created: 01/12/2021

A basic guide for private employers looking to advertise for self-employed live-in carers... read more

Do live-in carers need to wear a mask?
Date created: 12/30/2020

Basic advice on carers wearing a mask during the pandemic... read more

What skills does a carer need?
Date created: 12/24/2020

A basic guide to the skills required for live-in care work... read more

Helpful personality traits for live-in care work
Date created: 12/15/2020

Examples of helpful & necessary personality traits for successful carers... read more

What qualifications do I need as a live-in carer?
Date created: 12/10/2020

A guide to qualifications that live-in carers should aim for... read more

What rights do I have to my own room as a live-in carer?
Date created: 20/02/2020

A guide to living arrangements and privacy for live-in carers in the UK... read more

Self-employed or employed as a live-in carer?
Date created: 11/25/2020

A guide to choosing between being self-employed or directly employed as a live-in carer.. read more

What challenges do live-in carers face?
Date created: 10/21/2020

Examples of some challenges live-in care workers have to deal with... read more

DBS Update Service: A Guide for Live-In Carers
Date created: 09/16/2020

DBS Update service: What it's about, What features are included, How to join & the benefits of joining... read more