Resources for live in care workers

Dealing with a Fall
Date created: 18/11/2016

This is probably one of the most stressful situations that you as a carer will find yourself in. There are always risks involved when you transfer a person from one place to another. Whether transferring means going from lying to sitting, sitting to standing, standing to turning, the risk is always there. Even lowering a person down to a chair may put them and you at risk... read more

What you Should Look for in a Client
Date created: 18/11/2016

Caring is a two way street in that not only does the client get to choose their carer, but the carer also gets to choose the client... read more

Kitchen Cleanliness
Date created: 07/11/2016

Keeping the kitchen clean at your client’s house is vitally important to stop the spread of diseases and infections. However, it sometimes seems easier said than done! Often you will arrive at a placement where the kitchen has not had a good clean in months or even years!.. read more

What You Should Expect From Your Caring Company
Date created: 07/11/2016

Whether you are deciding to start a caring career or just change agencies, you will want to be sure that you sign up with the best agency for you. This should be an agency that will cater to all your needs and give you the support you will need in your job. There are some points that you should consider before accepting any offer from an agency... read more

Managing Your New Routine
Date created: 28/10/2016

Probably one of the most daunting things you face when you head off to a new client is the thought of how you are going to manage your day. Not only are you faced with a new client and whatever that might bring, but you are also going to need to deal with a whole new routine – someone else’s routine... read more

Carers Guide to Freezing Food
Date created: 28/10/2016

How often have you gone off to a new placement, and checked to see the contents of the freezer, only to find unnamed foods in badly packaged drawers. Drives you dippy, doesn’t it? .. read more

Unrealistic MP Expectations Contrast with Care Sector Crisis
Date created: 13/10/2016

A care crisis that could be unparalleled in British history is threatening to leave thousands of elderly people uncared for, according to a new report. .. read more

Dress Suggestions for Care Work
Date created: 10/10/2016

Every one of us likes to dress well, we follow fashion – perhaps! Either way, we have our own style of dressing. However, when we take on the job of caring we should take a little time to think about the way we dress... read more

Immigration Restrictions Could Lead to Lack of Staff
Date created: 10/10/2016

A new report warns that the future of some businesses is at risk if the government goes ahead with its plan to curb immigration... read more

5 Reasons to Become a Carer
Date created: 10/10/2016

Everyone who becomes a carer does it for their own personal reasons. It’s not the easiest job in the world and also not everyone is suited to it. I am sure every carer has his or her own reason, but I’ve looked at just five here which you may be able to relate to... read more