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Report Warns That More Migration Will Add Further Pressure to Social Care Sector
Date created: 04/10/2016

A new report has claimed that continued migration will add unbearable pressure on an already struggling social care sector. The report warns that filling roles with foreign labour will further undercut existing wages and will undermine efforts to improve working conditions for carers... read more

Maintaining your Clients Dignity
Date created: 19/09/2016

Being a carer means that the person you are caring for can no longer take care of themselves. This degree of need will of course vary with each individual client, but basically you are there because they cannot do things for themselves any longer... read more

Being sensible in the summer
Date created: 19/04/2017

While most of think of summer as the time when we get outdoors and into the garden, the higher temperatures may pose some serious health threats to our clients. This is especially true if clients are elderly. .. read more

What to do when your client wanders
Date created: 13/04/2017

To find that your client has wandered away while you are out, is a very worrying thing. It is even more worrying when you know that your client has Dementia. When our client walks off – wandering- as it is called, we should understand that in the case of dementia, they are not aimlessly wandering. They are in fact doing something... read more

Making the most of your free time
Date created: 29/03/2017

As a carer, you should be entitled to free time every day. If this is not the case, then you may find yourself with time off on the weekend... read more

Dealing with bed sores
Date created: 24/03/2017

Bed sores are also sometimes called pressure sores. They are often found on people who have little or no mobility. .. read more

Keeping your client hydrated
Date created: 20/03/2017

Even in the UK where it is often colder than it is hot, there is a possibility that your client may suffer from dehydration... read more

Physical Exercise and Dementia
Date created: 15/02/2017

It is a well-known fact that exercise or body movement is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially in elderly people, it is very important that they stay active... read more

Carers' Health and Wellbeing
Date created: 14/02/2017

In a recent survey it was shown that live in carers are twice as likely to become ill than other people... read more

Working With Couples
Date created: 06/02/2017

Most of the time as a live in carer, you will be working with one person, but sometimes you will find that you get to work for a couple. it may be that one of the couple needs more attention, while the other just needs minimal care. It is quite normal for this to be a situation where there is only one carer. Only if the work load gets too great, will it increase to two carers... read more