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Social Care workers better able to deal with trauma, with the help of yoga and meditation
Date created: 17/10/2017

According to primary therapist Molly Rose Zametkin, there are many social care professionals who rely on yoga and meditation to cope with the demands of the job. Care work requires resilience and selflessness, and taking part in these disciplines gives them a chance to take time for themselves, which in turn, helps them better care for others... read more

Men in a social care career – how can we encourage this?
Date created: 16/10/2017

Taking into consideration the amount or pressure on the care sector, it is time to set aside stereotypes of care workers, to support gender equality, and encourage more men in this sector... read more

Available beds – Care Homes facing a 'huge shortfall'
Date created: 18/09/2017

Research suggests that by the end of 2018, there will be up to 3,000 elderly people unable to get beds in Care Homes... read more

Caring for Veterans
Date created: 06/09/2017

When you start your professional as a live in carer, it is nice to think that you may be caring for a sweet little lady who smiles at you every morning, and is grateful for all you do. You take her for walks around her garden, go for coffee at the garden centre and cook her delicious meals. Nice thought! The reality is that you may never find yourself with such a client!.. read more

Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease
Date created: 31/08/2017

Studies and statistics have shown that one t of 4 people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and that 2 out of 3 people who have this are women. By the year 2025, the UK alone will have over 1 million people with this disease. What is even more astounding right now, is that 1 in 6 people over the age of 80 has Alzheimer’s Disease... read more

Flying with Dementia passengers – some airports are friendlier than others
Date created: 16/08/2017

Unfortunately, some airports have recently made the headlines with their bad service to seniors who need to travel. Air Canada and United were examples of how not to handle passengers with Dementia who use these facilities... read more

A new low from the Tories – taking money from care workers
Date created: 02/08/2017

It seems that every journalist knows that sometimes when parliament has gone home, government statements are apt to be sneaked out. This is exactly what happened here, and what a sneaky move it is! .. read more

Care Homes in Scotland 'on the breadline'
Date created: 31/07/2017

According to a new report, Independent Care Homes in Scotland are facing a huge staffing crisis, leaving many of them on the breadline... read more

As 900 carers a day quit, it seems the Social Care System is about to collapse
Date created: 13/07/2017

In figures which have recently been released, it came to light that last year in England more than 900 adult care workers quit their jobs daily, leaving social care services with growing staff shortages. .. read more

The Benefits of Live in Care
Date created: 07/07/2017

Many people assume that when a person grows old and infirm, that the best place for them is in a nursing home. While this is sometimes inevitable, it is not always essential that an older person be packed off to a nursing home to see out their days. .. read more