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What skills does a carer need?


A good experienced live-in carer is equipped with many skills and has expertise in managing patients with many diseases and disabilities. Live-carers have a job that is not like normal jobs, it requires a lot of hard work and patience. 


Handling every different patient with their own set of illnesses is always a new and unique experience for any carer. There is a wide set of skills needed for carers to adopt, in order to provide quality care to their clients. This includes managing them while they are in pain or are paralayzed and completely dependent on the carer.


What are the necessary skills that carers need to be equipped with?

The job of live-in carers is one that demands a lot of dedication and hard work. Patients are solely dependent on their carers to help them move around, eat, and get through the day. Any mistake made by the hands of the carer can have a drastic impact on the health of that patient. 


This makes it necessary for carers in the UK as well as all around the world to have particular skill sets in order to manage their patients and help them in their road to recovery. 


1. Basic life-saving skills


Most often, live-in carers are alone with their patients. Therefore, in case of any emergency, the live-in carer should be able to handle the patient and administer first aid immediately before help arises. 


Since live-in carers have to deal with their patients that are usually surrounded by many complications, they need to be mentally prepared for any such challenges. This is the reason why it is extremely important that live-in carers are properly trained with basic life support skills, such as CPR and other first aid skills. 


Oftentimes, when managing patients of critical illnesses, these skills help safe the life of that patient when administered at the right time. 


2. Administer the right dose of medication


Live-in carers are responsible to administer medications to their patients. This requires proper training and knowing exactly what medication needs to be injected/given at what time. It is extremely crucial that the carer is vigilant and does not make any mistakes, as it can result in severe consequences.


3. Cooking and cleaning 


As part of the live-in carer’s job, they are supposed to take care of their patients, this requires cooking, giving them a bath, and cleaning for them as well. Carers are supposed to make their patients food following a nutrition guide and taking care of their hygiene. This also includes keeping their surroundings clean and tidy. 


4. Changing catheters


Live-in carers are usually appointed when patients are unable to move around and do things on their own. This especially hinders them from going to the bathroom, therefore they use urinary bags with catheters. 


It is the job of the live-in carer to carefully change these catheters so the patient does not suffer from infection later on. 


5. Great communicator


This is another skill that a live-in carer should have. It is part of their job to be able to converse with their patients and keep them updated about all that is happening to them. A good professional live-in carer not just communicates well with his/her carer but also listens to their concerns. 


This does not only help patients gain trust but it also makes them comfortable enough to share anything that is bothering them.


6. Well organised


It is important for live-in carers to be well organised and have everything planned for their patients. A carer who does not organise things well is very likely to make mistakes and not be able to provide good quality care. 



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