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How to write a live-in carer’s job description?


When looking for a live-in carer in the UK, many people struggle to find the right person for their loved one. Live-in carers are the ones who spend the most time with the patient which is why it is important that families select someone who is not just good at their job but also has a jovial personality.


Searching for a professional live-in carer requires a lot of work, it is important to look for the most experienced person with qualifications. It is also important to interview short-listed candidates before hiring them.


The first and foremost is going through applications of live-in carers who share their experiences and their qualifications as well as the work they are capable of.


In order to write a job description to find the perfect candidate for your loved one, there are a few necessary objectives that should be mentioned prior to the hiring process. Following is a guideline for you to mention all the particulars needed for the live-in carer to care for your loved one. 


Start with the job summary

It is important to start the job description with a job summary. Make sure to write a few sentences about what live-in carer you are looking for and for whom should the live-in carer be required to take care of. 


Mention the illness your loved one might be suffering from, this gives a good idea to the live-in carer to know if they have experience working with someone having a similar condition and whether they can take up the job. 


Add requirements and duties

Make sure to add all the requirements and duties that you expect the live-in carer to perform, these can include;

* Help the client with all of his/her basic needs such as eating, dressing, bathing as well as toileting.

* If the patient cannot move, it is helpful to add that the live-in carer needs to assist with mobilising by safe manual handling procedure.

* Patients usually require someone with whom they can communicate well, therefore it is important for live-in carers to be able to talk well with their clients.

* It is essential that live-in carers give exceptional importance to hygiene. This includes doing the patient’s laundry, washing the bed linen as well as cleaning the patients place. 

* Having a driver’s license to drive the patient to and from his/her doctor’s appointments.

* Helping their client manage his/her bills, and attend/place phone calls on behalf of their client.


Be specific with your needs

There are some patients who require extra care, such as patients with cognitive disorders or degenerative diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. 


Make sure to mention that live-in carers having experience dealing with such patients should be encouraged to apply. People who have experienced being around such patients, definitely makes it easier in the selection process.


Ask for all the required qualifications

It is important that live-in carers have all the essential qualifications in order to provide excellent services. There are many training programs for live-in carers, but some training programs are necessary to attend prior to becoming a live-in carer. 


It is important to bear in mind, that a good live-in carer can only provide standard care if he/she knows how to:

  • Perform CPR

  • Inject proper medication

  • Make proper notes of the health progress

  • Systematically pen down all the health appointments

  • Keep in check with a professional

  • Have a friendly personality

  • Change catheters

  • Manage any situation of emergency


Mandatory to get a background check and pass the drug test

It is extremely important that the person you are hiring for does not pose any threat to your loved one. This is why it is important to get a proper background search of the live-in carer you decide on hiring.


Live-in carers should be able to provide a clean record by the Criminal Bureau (DBS or Disclosure & Barring Service in the UK). It is also required for them to get a drugs test. All these safety precautions ensure a trustworthy live-in carer for your loved one. 


Add any additional perks that you can offer

If you can offer any perks to the live-in carer, make sure to mention them in the job description. These can vary from the number of breaks the live-in carer gets in a day to paid holiday etc.



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