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What qualifications do I need as a live-in carer?


There are many people who wish to become live-in carers because of the many benefits that come along with this job. However, there are a few prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before being part of this profession. 


The job of live-in carers requires a professional who is responsible enough to handle emergency situations or critical patients at any time of the day. The needs of patients requiring a 24-hours watch can only be met if the live-in carer is experienced and skilled enough to do so. 


Training can range from knowing simple first-aid to managing patients of Parkinson’s. Therefore, it is best for anyone applying to be a live-in carer to take courses or attend programs who help deal with patients, who need proper management and care. 


For a live-in carer, most skill sets are learned on the go, as they take care of patients, but in order to be able to provide the best possible care, it is essential to be familiar with what needs to be done at what time.


What is required to be registered as a live-in carer in the UK?


In order to become a live-in carer in the UK, it is important to have a few necessary qualifications, in order to be registered as one. There are some people who prefer choosing an agency to get their clients, this helps them get trained through special programs before they are placed with any patient. However, if someone wants to be a self-employed live-in carer, they will have to get trained by signing up for courses on their own to get the license to practice.


There are not many qualifications required to become a professional live-in carer, in fact, a high school diploma is often enough to procure a job as a live-in carer. 


However, what is necessary to acquire a job as a licensed caregiver is a Care certificate. This certificate should qualify for training as per the standards of CQC (Care Quality Commission). As per the training, it is necessary for the individual to pass four modules in which they are taught and tested on basic care and skills. 


The four modules of this program include:

* Moving and Handling

* First aid

* Food hygiene

* Safeguarding


The CQC also expects the live-in carer to be either enrolled in or working towards getting a Diploma in Health and Social Care. This enables live-in carers to polish their skills while being employed. 


What is the importance of attending courses other than the necessary course?


Getting enrolled and acquiring certification in different programs offered to live-in carers maximizes the opportunities of being appointed. These certifications help families feel reassured by handing over their loved one to someone who can provide quality care.


So not only does it help build the live-in carers portfolio, but training for different courses helps manage patients with different problems and diseases very effectively. 


In order to be best at the job, the experience of at least knowing all the management protocols helps greatly whenever faced with something unexpected as learning never goes to waste. 


What are the other programs that can benefit a live-in carer?


Some of the programs that live-carers should get themselves enrolled in are mentioned as follows;

1) Basic life support (BLS)

2) Courses for effective Communication

3) Awareness for Anemia 

4) Training for injecting medication

5) Training for effective record keeping

6) Awareness for Fire Safety

7) Risks Management

8) Awareness for proper nutrition and hydration

9) Awareness for all heart problems

10) Diabetes awareness and its management

11) Catheter training 


These are some of the programs that a live-in carer can additionally get themself registered in. These courses not just help the live-in carer provide quality care to their patients but also assures the family of the patient trust the carer knowing they will be able to handle any emergency situation. 



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