What Is Live In Care?

Live-in Care is a home care solution that offers a direct alternative to residential settings, enabling people living with a range of conditions, disabilities and age-related frailties to remain living independently in their own homes. There are many reasons why people may choose Live-in Care; whether it be everyday tasks that are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, requiring support following hospital discharge, or the provision of respite care whilst a regular Carer is taking a break – Live-in Care allows people, or their loved ones, to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings, with an incomparable level of one-to-one support.

Live-in services allow professional Carers to build strong bonds with those they care for, and experience has shown that finding the right person to meet personal needs and wishes is the single most important factor in the provision of Live-in Care. With the support of the chosen home care provider or various social services; individually designed support plans are created in conjunction with existing routines and needs, in order to provide a care service arranged around the individuals’ own terms and preferences.

In this respect, Carers are responsible for providing a home care service that embraces practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping, as well as mobility support, emotional wellbeing and companionship. Carers with a certain level of experience and/or specialist training may also be required to work closely with those living with Dementia or other debilitating conditions that call for expert care. Individual Carers bring a very personal aspect to in homecare where they are able to enjoy a range of hobbies and interests, caring for much loved pets, or for experienced drivers, travelling to a range of different places with their customer. Making this part of Live-in Care is one of the most enjoyable components, where customer and Carer are able to build strong bonds and a satisfying day to day life.

The flexibility of one-to-one care allows evolvement as needs change, and a professional Live-in Carer not only gives customers an added sense of security, but also provides an assurance to family members of someone to contact in case of emergencies. Live-in Care enables others to live full and independent lives, and does so with the peace of mind that comes from knowing care is always on hand; whatever the time of day.    



This description was very kindly provided by Helping Hands Home Care