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97 Percent of Elderly People Prefer Spending their Old Age Living in their Own Homes


97% of elderly people in the UK want to live in their own homes upon reaching age 75 or above, a new report released by Consultus Care & Nursing says.

Consultus is one of UK’s leading providers of elderly live-in care, focusing on one-to-one service that enables elderlies to live in their own homes rather than stay in residential care homes.  

The care provider commissioned an independent polling company, One Poll, for the research. About 2,000 adults were surveyed by One Poll for the study entitled “The Care Choice Gap.”

But while the overwhelming majority of adults wish that they should be cared for in the comfort of their own homes, 54% said are not sure whether their preference would be carried out. 23% even mentioned that they are unsure what the future will bode for them.

The report also said that 86% of the elderly has not mentioned their care preference to family members, despite the fact that majority wants receiving personalised care provided by individuals they not only know but whom they can trust as well. 

Consultus say that it is crucial for elderlies and their families to plan their choice of long-term care. The care provider recommends that a range of possible sources of finances should be explored as early as possible to be prepared in case of an emergency situation.

Consultus also suggests that people should open their eyes to other care choices, such as, personalised round the clock live-in care on a one-to-one basis.

Peter Seldon, Consultus’ Chief Executive Officer, said: "As a provider of live-in carers and nurses to thousands of elderly people across the UK since 1962, we have a clear insight into the care needed and wanted by many elderly people today. With the post war 'baby boom' we all know our population is ageing and increasing numbers will need care in later life. It is only right they receive the type of care they want."   

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