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Spinal Injury care role : £1,197 per week : Immediate start : Edenbridge in Kent

Kent, United Kingdom, GBP 1197 per week Double pay over Christmas, Self Employed


Location: Edenbridge in Kent

Start date: Immediately

Rate: £171 per day


We have a new care role for a young client with a spinal injury and are looking for a carer to start immediately.

In order to take on this role you need to have previous experience working with patients with spinal injuries. Before applying for this role please ensure you have the relevant experience and that you are available to provide relevant certification in the application process.

Client Summary: Client is a 21 year old gentleman with a spinal injury. He is looking for a carer who can have a good laugh and build a good rapport with him. He is still very independent and wants to maintain this and continue to live an ordinary life. His partner helps with his medicine administration and will be in the house at times with their young child.

The client has 3 dogs so you must be okay living with them.

  • Condition: Spinal Injury
  • Mobility: Very Poor (Hoist, Wheel Chair, Electric wheelchair - client has no lower body movement and has restricted upper body movements.)
  • Communication: Good (He is very able to communicate and articulate his thoughts and feelings. He is able to discuss everything regarding his care and his likes and dislikes. Does have mild aphasia, in which he has some difficulty with word recall.)
  • Night Routine: Some night support required.



Bladder washout, Manual evacuation, Catheter/Continence Management, Companionship, Cooking/Meal Prep, Doing Laundry, Dressing and Undressing, Medication Prompting, Personal Grooming and Hygiene, Wheelchair Assistance, Driving, Supporting exercises


  • Spinal Injury experience and training is essential. You will need to provide certification to take on this role.
  • Driving license required: Yes - You will need to drive the client in his car to and from appointments

Carer gender preference: Female

Care recipient's personality:

Client is very articulate and expressive, he wants to preserve his independence and continue his life as an ordinary young man. He understands his disability and is able to communicate clearly.

Characteristics Required:

A carer that is positive and talkative, who is able to respect the clients independence and create an environment of mutual respect and trust.


If you meet the requirements, please email urgently

Job Details

As soon as possible
Full Time
Kent, United Kingdom
Self Employed
GBP 1197 per week, Double pay over Christmas