Live in Mentor B16 (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, & Severe Anxiety)


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£31000 - 41000/per year

Job Description

Location: Ealing W13

Wage / Salary:  £30,000 - £41,000 gross per annum 

Live in /out : Live-in support

Accommodation: Own double bedroom and private bathroom 

Driver: Preferable but not essential


  • Patient and resilient personality and mindset

  • Physically fit

  • Previous experience supporting young people with social, emotional and mental health needs

  • Prior hands-on experience working with or engaging with teenagers

  • Excellent understanding of how to support anxiety and depression

  • Ability to provide homeschooling support and teaching life skills 

  • Behavioural management experience 

  • Strong routine and boundary implementation skills



  • A brilliant and experienced male role model

  • Able to live-in the house and/or provide regular overnight care when needed

  • Musical instrument proficiency

  • Flexibility for overtime on the weekends 

  • Previous work experience within social care for young people

  • Previous work experience within domestic settings with young people


Start Date: ASAP

Days & Hours: 

  • Monday - Friday

  • 40 hours per week (8 hours per day) with overtime available 

Pets: 2 dogs


About B16:

B16 has been diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia. He stopped attending school in October 2019 due to anxiety and struggling with a breakdown in some important relationships with his peers/teachers. He really struggled with the 1:1 attention and style of education he was receiving which caused him to retreat into himself and become distrusting of others, particularly adults. The pandemic has unfortunately exacerbated these feelings which has now caused B16 to experience extreme anxiety around leaving the house, as well as his general motivation even for his preferred activities. 


Prior to this B16 was really passionate about outdoor activities like cycling and was an avid drummer, however he has now lost interest in hobbies that once brought him joy and can often spend days at a time locked in his room, refusing to come out.


B16 was adopted at 5 years old and still has contact with his brother who will soon be turning 18 and leaving foster care to move into sheltered accomodation. B16 has not had contact with his birth father however his brother has. 


About the role:

B16 can come across as very reserved and introverted around new people, often not wanting to interact with others, especially outside of his comfort zone. When he is frustrated, he does not back down easily and can occasionally become overwhelmed leading to some distressed and dysregulated behaviour such as throwing objects.


It is integral that the chosen Sennie can commit long-term as B16 struggles with issues around abandonment and attachment. The Sennie must have: experience in behaviour management, can form a close and trusting bond quickly with B16 so they can then set clear boundaries, can remain resilient and be capable of supporting B16’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. B16’s sleep routine has recently regressed to a point where he is often not waking up or emerging from his room until the very late afternoon, which is having a large impact on his mental health and self esteem. 


Key duties will include:

  • Planning and improve B16s structure, routine and ability to engage in activities

  • Creating a healthy meal plan or shopping list to cover all meals/snacks for B16, working with him to find a balanced diet that works for him that he can maintain

  • Day and night support depending on B16s current sleep routine which you will help manage

  • Supporting and managing interventions as set by the family such as ensuring the internet is disconnected every night to deter B16s late night habits

  • Creating a weekly/monthly plan you can share with the mother in regards to life skill lessons and education for B16

  • Joining the family on trips to their country home in West Wittering and abroad when it is safe to do so

  • Helping B16 regain interest in his hobbies, building up his confidence/independence by using positive reinforcement/language, finding ways to try and reduce his anxiety as well as and ensuring he is getting enough exercise outside of the house where possible

  • Creating a plan to support B16 in completing his 5 GCSE’s (This can include support from a specialist tutor)


It is important to note that B16’s happiness and confidence levels are more important than school exams and his overall GCSE grades. In your first few months, life skill lessons or a project such as repairing or building something together, would still be classed as homeschooling if well planned and executed, to encourage B16 to live a healthier lifestyle .


As B16’s sleep routine is very temperamental, a live-in candidate is preferred as this will give you and the family more flexibility to adjust working hours in accordance with his waking hours for example - . If B16 goes to bed at 4am and wakes up at 4pm, your hours would need to align with when he is awake, and then ensure he goes off to bed on time, in preparation for the next day. The hope is that after a short period of intervention, his routine will improve to a more steady schedule, allowing the Sennie to resume more normal/standard working hours. This has been achieved in the past within a month.


It is key that the selected Sennie has the confidence to take ownership of B16s sleep routine by enforcing an internet disconnection at 10pm. It is important you are firm with your boundaries without being disrespectful or rude and find ways to incentivise B16 to make healthier and more positive choices.


This role will require teamwork with B16’s mother  and the existing part time Sennie who will stay on for a few months into the new placement due to his great rapou with B16 to help with a smooth handover. It is of great importance that the new Sennie is able to confidently and assertively take charge in challenging situations. The Sennie will work sole-charge and alongside the other Sennie and  B16’s mother, who is friendly, open and very dedicated to her son, to guide B16 into making positive decisions and developing his understanding and self-awareness, in regards to his emotions and perception of conversations. 


B16 can often be easily offended/cross if things are not  going his way, or if he feels people are ‘patronising’ him. Mum has found that arguments can become difficult without another adult present especially as, with age, B16 is growing more defiant, taller and stronger. An assertive experienced male role model would be ideal for this household, however the role is open to all genders should you feel you have enough relevant experience.


The Sennie selected will be able to follow and support therapies and interventions determined by the family and professionals. A genuine interest in working with SEN children is a must.

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Ealing, London, UK


£31000 - 41000/per year Competitive Salary for an exciting Live in role

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Full Time

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Employed (PAYE)