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Live in carer: £700 - £1,000 per week

Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom, GBP 700 - 1000 per week, Self Employed

Posted: 11 hours ago


Iris and Fred.  Belmont, Surrey.

Iris is 85 and Fred is 86.


We are looking for a live in carer to work on a rota with our existing carer.   Iris and Fred both have dementia.   Iris’s dementia is further advanced than Fred’s.


Iris is incontinent both day and night but can be prompted to go to the toilet during the day. Needs help to get washed and dressed both mornings and evenings.  She can sometimes assist and sometimes likes to help decide what she will wear for the day.  Needs help with getting up and down the stairs as they still live in the family home and sleep upstairs.  Needs her food cut up but then can eat on her own with cutlery and sometimes uses her fingers.  Needs assistance with getting ready for bed but once in bed she normally doesn’t get up but if she does get up to go to the toilet she can manage this on her own as they have an en-suite.   Iris likes to help around the house doing things like laying the table and folding the washing.  She likes sitting in the kitchen with the radio on and singing along to it and chatting with the carer.



Fred needs help in getting up and sometimes lots of prompting to actually get out of bed.  He can wash and dress himself but needs reminding on some occasions.  Also needs assistance to get up and down the stairs.  He eats very well and doesn’t need any help with his food.  Needs prompting to drink as he quite often dozes off and forgets he has a drink.  Occasionally needs prompting to go to the toilet during the day. If he needs the toilet during the night he is capable of going on his own as he uses the en-suite.   He can need help getting ready for bed if he is very tired.


They both love listening to DVD’s and CD’s of old music and they like watching DVD’s of old films. 

Job Details

Mid October
Full Time
Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom
Self Employed
GBP 700 - 1000 per week