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Young Adult with Learning Disabilities

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, GBP 840 per week Full Board, Self Employed

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Lillyfields Live-in Care


We have a placement with a young lady (22 Years Old) who requires a lot of support, this placement would best suite somebody with an interest in Mental Health Care and experience with learning disabilities. 

This is a long-term placement that requires a lot of documentation and the use of techniques including distraction to help the client cope with her medical problems.

This is an extract from the clients Consultant Neurologist

She has the following very significant and debilitating medical problems:

  1. EEG proven Non-Epileptic, psychological-mediated attacks ("Dissociative Attacks")
  2. Previous Severe epilepsy
  3. On-going potential for epilepsy
  4. Significant learning disabilitiy
  5. Challenging behavior (worsening in the context of the attacks)
  6. Significant psychological difficulties
  7. Anxiety and depression for which she takes Mirtazapine 45mg nocte and propranolol 40mg

I strongly support, on medical grounds, any application for 24 hour support / live-in carer to work with Hannah, who may have these very severe attacks at any time. They can occur very frequently, with Hannah sometimes experiencing several per day.

When they do occur, they firstly need to be recognized. Secondly, [She] needs to be kept in a safe position, otherwise she may injure herself. Thirdly, distraction techniques and reassurance are required until the attacks cease. Fourthly, good documentation is required to chart the number and length of the attacks. Fifth, because of [her] attacks, her significant learning disability and challenging behavior, she requires assistance for personal care, including dressing, feeding, and supervision in the bathroom, and in particular, to ensure safety when showering.

End of Extract

We are looking for someone to help the client lead a proactive life and bring some consistency and protection to her daily life.  The right applicant will work closely with Lillyfields, the client’s family and Social Services to ensure that we are meeting the requirements to support this young lady.

This an opportunity to make a huge difference to somebody’s life, it will be hard work, however that hard work is going to see improvements in the client’s quality of life.

Please get in touch with us for more details as this is a very complex care package and it is not feasible to list every item for consideration here.

Ask for Simon Crates (Lillyfields Live-in) or apply through this advert.

01730 233500

Job Details

Full Time
Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Self Employed
GBP 840 per week, Full Board

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