Team of SEN Carer's/Nannies needed for B15 (Down Syndrome)


5 days ago

£14 - 20/per hour

Job Description

Location: Islington, N7, North London


Wage / Salary:Live-out:  £15 - £20 p/h gross (rate offered will be dependent on experience/support available from the local authority) /Live-in: £14 - £15 p/h  -The family will be applying for local authority funding for this role.


Live - in / Live - out: This role is offered ideally on a live - out basis, however live - in applicants can be considered and this may work out more beneficial for the Sennie (SEN Nanny/Carer). 

Accommodation: A good sized room with a great finish and direct access to the garden and own bathroom

Driver:   non essential

Essential Skills/Traits:  

  • Previous work experience with additional/special needs

  • Demonstrable experience handling and supporting behaviours that challenge

  • Calm and patient approach 

  • Confident at cooking

  • Comfortable with animals 


Desirable Skills/Traits: 

  • Competent swimmer who is happy/able to take B15 swimming

  • Experience implementing therapies and interventions as advised by specialists


Pets: 2 dogs and 2 cats 


Start Date: As soon as possible

Days & Hours: A number of shift patterns are available for this role and so it is likely that TWO Sennies would be more suitable, however the shifts/hours agreed to must remain consistent.

The role is available for one Sennie should they want all the hours available.


Term - Time and School Holidays:

7am - 8.30am (Monday - Friday)

3.30pm - 8.45pm (Monday - Thursday)

12.45pm - 8.45pm (Fridays are an earlier start due to school closing for COVID cleaning - this may change in the near future)


Evenings and Weekends:

8.45pm - 11pm (Babysitting 2 nights per week)

1pm - 5pm OR 7.30pm (Every other Saturday)


School Closures / Inset days:

8am - 8.45pm


When applying, please specify which hours you are available for.


About the family:

SENNIES are looking to find a confident and caring Sennie/Sennies with a great sense of humour, who want to become a part of a bustling but loving household, supporting B15 before, after school and on weekends. B15 has two other siblings, an older brother, B17 and a younger sister G12 who are both fairly independent but will require meals and occasional supervision.

About B15:

B15 has a love of animals, music (MGM type musicals, Beatles, Muse, Soundtracks to films he likes) and food (especially cheesecake and chocolate cake!) He currently enjoys talking about foxes, watching/playing on his iPad and swimming and sensory toys/feedback,  for example, he likes a piece of A4 paper folded up into a paper fan.

B15 has Down Syndrome and suspected Autism and other health concerns related to his condition. He can be very funny and charming but does require constant supervision, personal care and most importantly behavioural support/management.

B15 attends a fantastic special needs school where he is provided with all of his necessary therapies and education and so the Sennies role is more of a carer / buddy type position, to help with his day to day needs such as toileting, washing, eating/drinking, personal safety etc. ideally before school starts and then after school into the evenings as mum is a single parent and works long hours. 

B15 can often fixate on negative emotions such as anger or sadness and can get very affected by things he watches or hears, so the Sennie(s) selected must be conscientious and proactive in spotting / avoiding potential triggers, such as unexpected loud noises or changes to his environment and new activities, and be able to remain calm and positively redirect B15 as and when needed. B15 can also try and make himself sick by drinking too much and can also become physically reactive for example he will often throw things such as his ipad or boots, and has previously pulled pictures off the wall, breaking the glass frames - the Sennie(s) must have a great sense of awareness to understand the potential dangers that B15 can inflict on either himself or the others around him and encourage him to express his feelings or frustrations in more positive way whilst still being assertive. 

His key areas for development and support are:

  • All aspects of personal care including; changing his nappy, wiping his bottom, taking him for regular toilet breaks as he will not instigate this on his own, helping him get dressed, assistance with feeding/drinking and bathing/showering. All of which there can be some resistance to. 

  • Helping B15 with coping strategies / understanding for his triggers and things that cause him to become stressed such as over-sensory stimulation, heightened emotions when watching films on his ipad etc. 

  • Encouraging B15 to do odd jobs or tasks that help gradually build his independence.

  • Creating a positive and happy environment for B15 where he feels safe and secure so he can focus less on negative emotions and reactions. 

  • Trying to reduce his verbal and physical aggression such as swearing and throwing objects.

B15 is quite strong and so the Sennie(s) should be physically capable and not phased by distressed behaviours. The right carer will bring out the best in B15, reducing some of the challenges, and allowing him to be the lovely, funny young man he is. 

A full write up of B15’s schedule and daily needs/support is available for interested candidates should you wish to see it. 

About B17:

B17 enjoys spending time with his friends, playing football, listening to music, and acting/drama. B17 has ADHD and some allergies including pulses, nuts and soya which the Sennie should be mindful of. Care for B17 is not expected as he is self sufficient.

About G12:

G12 is also sociable and likes music, art, make-up and clothes. Again she is self-sufficient so dedicated care is not needed.

About the role: The selected Sennie(s) will provide after school and holiday care on a sole-charge basis. Due to COVID-19 the mother may be working from home, however the Sennie(s) should behave as though this is a sole-charge position but be comfortable and capable of working alongside and supporting mum as and when they are around and want to be involved with their children. 

The Sennie(s) should be prepared to get stuck into a role that requires a lot of energy, forward thinking, quick reactions but most importantly love and fun! This is a very rewarding position for the right person(s) and will make a world of difference to a fantastic family. Consistency, firmness and consideration are key.

Main Duties include:

• Providing a happy, safe and stimulating environment for B15

• Ensuring B15’s key areas for support and development are being met daily

• Organising things for B15 accordingly such as preparing clean clothes for his school bag and making sure things are in the right place

• Preparing evening meals for all 3 children, keeping in mind dietary requirements such as allergies and B15’s need for softer, easier to chew foods

• Getting B15 ready for school, including help eating breakfast, teeth brushing, nappy changing, changing his bedsheets if soiled, taking to the school bus etc.

• Collecting B15 from the school bus and bringing him home and engaging him in safe, positive activities until dinner time

• Bedtime routine

• Behavioural support and management

• Reporting any accidents, illness and incidents at the end of each day, or immediately in an emergency

The family are looking for a patient, confident and spirited Special Educational Needs Nanny, who can become part of the family. The Sennie selected will be able to follow and support therapies and interventions determined by the family (in conjunction with the Sennie) and professionals. A genuine passion for working with children and special educational needs is a must.

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Islington, London, UK


£14 - 20/per hour

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Part Time

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Self employed or Employed (PAYE)