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Bayswater, London, United Kingdom, Self Employed


Prospective start: Oct/Nov 2019

Family based in London and Greece seek a second personal assistant/carer for eldest son, Nikolas (Nik). Nik is a fun, kind and caring young man who requires attentive overall support in life.

The job is permanent and live-in, to be shared with Nik’s existing long-term PA; 6 months of the year (one month on, one month off).

Previous care experience is desired but not strictly necessary as there will be a high level of support and guidance from the start; the successful applicant will ultimately be the individual who fits in with Nik and his living situation and - importantly - whether or not we fit in with theirs!



A flexible approach is essential, to be able to work independently with Nik and also alongside Nik’s parents/family. A feeling of being part of the family is ultimately hoped for, someone who feels relaxed with us.

We are seeking a motivated, diligent, empathetic, patient, honest and kind individual to be Nik’s overall carer, 24/7. Someone who can deal with Nik’s general day to day care on their own but also supported and at times duties shared by his mother/other PA if and when present.

The successful applicant will provide physical and mental stimulation through targeted exercise and physiotherapy inside and outside the home + at Nik’s local gym and by taking  part in recreational and social activities (cinema, restaurant, pub, cafes, concerts, mini breaks away, travel to and from Greece).

Nik’s safety and health is of paramount importance, so a vigilant outlook is required inside and outside the home at all times. Nik’s balance is not so good these days but he is working on this and you will play an intrinsic part in improving his muscles and general stability.

In addition to the social and physio side of life, you will be required to help and assist Nik with most aspects of regular personal care.  Some examples:

  • Showering
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Personal hygiene
  • General cleanliness and appearance
  • Help him to and from the bathroom + from room to room



  • Preparation of meals and refreshments (although Nik’s mum does a lot of the cooking!)
  • Administration of medication and close monitoring of his health and overall well-being
  • Visits to his doctors and other medical professionals
  • Admin tasks relating to Nik’s life and his personal correspondence
  • Assisting Nik in his role as ambassador/representative for the Nikolas Symposium


There is much more to Nik than meets the eye and he has always been difficult to categorise as far as disability goes.   

We would ideally like to meet those who feel they are eligible for the role of Nik’s PA/Carer in person at some point in order to see how we all gel together and if they would be happy to join us in supporting Nik.

For us it is imperative that we all live and work together well with someone who is happy and content to be in the situation we share with Nik.

The successful applicant will benefit from the rewards and security that arise from helping Nik, a vulnerable person who needs support, protection and assistance in leading a full and fun life in the comfort of his own home, personal circle and beyond.

This is a varied and interesting role - sometimes busy and hectic, other times not so much - that would suit someone who really wants to make a profound difference in life and gain a little more than usual from their working life.

In the first instance, please contact Grant Cooper (, Nik’s PA/Carer and the person you’ll potentially be sharing a job with!

If you meet our requirements for Nik and we meet yours, we’ve succeeded.

We look forward to hearing from you.


(For a little more info on Nik, please go to

Job Details

Full Time
Bayswater, London, United Kingdom
Self Employed