Self-employed Live-in Carer (Please come forward with the daily rate you would like to earn.)

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4 days ago

£700 - 1015/per week

Job Description

Client Reference : Mr LA

Start & End Date : 29.08.22 – 12.09.22

Rate : Please advise

Paid when : Weekly by client through bank transfer

Driver : No

Pets : 1 small dog

Location : Offwell, Devon

Breaks : daily - There is an opportunity after breakfast to take 1-2 hrs to yourself before Mr. LA needs your assistance and then again in the afternoon after lunch.

Food : Included

Ideal Carer : Female quick learner, has good communication skills and is confident in manual handling.

If you are happy with the information above please read on to find out more about the client and the booking

About the client :

Mr LA is a softly spoken, friendly gentleman who is able to hold a good conversation. He spends most of his time at home, enjoying the garden when the weather is warm. During the day Mr LA reads, listens to music, watches television, has phone calls with friends and family and frequent visits from his two Daughters. Mr LA does get very anxious when he has a new carer and any new carer should be aware and sensitive to this. The current carer has said he is anxious with her too so it's nothing personal, it's just important to do things efficiently and gently to respect his worries.

Mr LA likes to go to bed at around midnight, the bedtime routine takes about 45 mins to an hour so he is happy to start the process at around 10.45pm if the carer is new. He will wake around 4am-5am to transfer to the commode and then return to bed until 7am. Full assistance with personal care is required. Carer also needs to do meal prep, cooking, and housekeeping.

General Condition: Muscular Dystrophy, Prostate cancer (monitored but not treated), High Blood Pressure (takes medication for this. Takes blood thinning meds too), Uses Oxygen Tank

Moving & Handling : Hoisting required as client is wheelchair bound

Continence Care : Continent – sits on commode twice a day and uses a urine bottle at other times

Equipment to be used : electric wheelchair, Hoist, Oxygen

Client Dietary Requirements: Normal diet

Does the client smoke ? : No

Wifi : Yes

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Offwell, Devon, UK


£700 - 1015/per week Please come forward with the daily rate you would like to earn

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Full Time

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Self Employed