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Live-in Carers near London GAP Year Health Experience

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, GBP 1319 - 4523 per month Carers paid by the hour. Minimum pay is if I am in hospital., Employed (PAYE)

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 I am a totally dependent paralysed man employing up to 4 live in carers, who enable me to live as normal a life as possible in the community. Two carers normally work two days on and two days off duty, as part of a team of 4. Although the work schedule may have to change in the future and my carers need to be flexible. I need my on duty carers to be available on call 24/7. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to look after a totally dependent paralysed man in a kind, patient and flexible manner.

 Full training is provided by previous carers and with online training as necessary. As well as providing personal care (e.g. washing, dressing, carrying out physio, etc), my carers prepare meals, assist me with office administration and ensure the house is clean. If necessary, my carers must be prepared to work on their own, if for example another carer is ill or on leave. In the past, my carers have worked and cared for me for 12 months (sometimes 6 or 18) as part of their GAP year experiences.

 In the past I have employed young people wishing to gain healthcare experience prior to moving on to study for their chosen profession. This is normally been part of their gap year experience. My carers often move on to become nurses, physios, doctors, OTs, even midwives, however others have gone on to become scientists, teachers, managers, etc.

See for more information on job description and previous carers experiences.

 Essential Candidate Requirements: speak English well, ideally full clean driving licence, patience, kindness, flexibility, ambition, communications, interpersonal skills, cleanliness and willing to learn necessary nursing procedures.

Email me your CV (or provide contact details, age, current location/employment, ambitions, etc).

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Job Details

Full Time
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Employed (PAYE)
GBP 1319 - 4523 per month, Carers paid by the hour. Minimum pay is if I am in hospital.