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Live In Carer to join small friendly team

Bloxham, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, GBP 550 per week £550 minimum before tax plus occasional optional hrs as available, Employed (PAYE)


My wife is looked after by a team of six-seven people in her own home.

At any one time, three of those people live in and the others come to the house to provide care.

We have a vacancy for one of the live-in carers, starting ASAP.

We always have two people providing care each shift, apart from nights, when one person sleeps in the room with my wife. 

There is always a second person on call in the house at night if needed.

My wife has advanced Huntington's Disease. 

She has great spirit and a mischievous sense of humour. 

Our older son lives in the same village - oh, we are in a pretty Oxfordshire village - and brings my wife's two grand children (aged 8 and 2) over to visit several times a week. 

Our younger son lives in the basement and has stayed at home after university to help look after his mum. 

I'm here as much as I can be - a couple of days a week at least - as I run a business in London.

The team focuses on two aims: to (obviously) keep my wife as well and healthy physically as she can possibly be. Which they do very well. 

This involves food preparation (pureed food), washing, dressing, personal care, laundry, shopping, sharing domestic work to keep the house clean for her etc.

And, secondly, we use our imagination to give her as rich a life as possible. For example, she loves Harry Potter, so we surround her with Harry Potter-themed things.  

The team is largely self-managing. Which means being able to get on with each other and coax the best out of each other. Any energy spent moaning about each other takes energy away from the point of being here, which is to focus positive energy on looking after Sandy, my wife. So, you will need a positive attitude to your co-workers. 

As she becomes increasingly unable to talk, we have to work out what may be in her head and what she may be feeling at any one time and respond to that. So, you will need very strong skills of empathy. 

She is also less able now to actually say 'thank you'. And is increasingly tired. So, you will need to bring your positivity and warmth into the room to help inspire her, rather than gain satisfaction in the job from the client expressing thanks or appreciation. 

When we do manage to 'reach in' past the illness and connect with her, and she laughs or pokes fun at us as a result, that is a victory each day over the illness that tries to mask who she really is. 

We do achieve some remarkable things here - the doctors and the Huntington's Disease Association tell us that -  based on the love and compassion and professionalism within the team, in how they enrich the quality of my wife's life, and in how they support each other in doing that. 

And with your help we can continue achieving remarkable things.

Both our sons are at risk of inheriting this disease (50% each).

And our grandchildren are 25% at risk of inheriting it.

One of the reasons we run this 'care at home' model is that my wife insisted she does not want to be in a care home. 

Other families with Huntington's collapse and break up. I was determined we wouldn't. And that my sons would see that if they get the illness there is an alternative to a 'home' - they can continue to live in their own home with love and respect from a team of personal assistants - loving and able friends - around them. 

So, as well as meeting their mum's stated wish to stay in her own home, they and the grand kids are seeing that there is an alternative to being taken from your family home, put in a home, visited sometimes, but essentially losing your family life; which is what happens in all other HD cases. 

No other family with Huntington's has achieved that - shown it can be done at home - for this long. We have. With your help, we will continue to do remarkable things that the care 'industry' and health workers didn't think were possible. 

Even if we have to wear a Harry Potter wizard hat at times to achieve it :) 


Have your own room

Salary: Approx £550 per week for 3 x nights plus 32 hours during the week. Plus opportunity for extra hours and income when other team members are on leave or otherwise absent and we need to cover shifts.

Be employed by my wife, fulltime, with an auto-enroll pension scheme

Have two days a week off

Have paid holiday of up to 25 days per year

Have experience of looking after someone , possibly a relative

Be happy to work within a small team, generously and co-operatively

Be a calm, unflappable person with a generous heart, who sees the best in others, and who works well with other people. 

Receive manual handling and medication-giving training and other training. We'll consider helping you with NVQ or similar training you want to take while working and living here. 

We wrote a family book called Learning to Live With Huntington's Disease and that link tells you a bit more about my wife and the family. 

Job Details

1st May
Full Time
Bloxham, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Employed (PAYE)
GBP 550 per week, £550 minimum before tax plus occasional optional hrs as available

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