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Live-in Carer

Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, 72.00 - 84.00 Day, Permanent

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Job Purpose

To live in 24 hours a day with the Service User as their Care Worker providing a safe and efficient delivery of personal, practical and social care to Berkeley Home Health’s service user. Observes at all times the code of conduct for social care workers as published by the General Social Care Council.

Key Tasks

1. Care to Service user

2. Support services

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Care to Service user

Assists in the assessment procedures for new service user.

Reviews and becomes familiar with the Personal Care Plan for the client.

Assists service user with:

* personal hygiene requirements;

* the management of incontinence;

* bathing in bed or bathroom;

* care of pressure areas;

* looking after skin, teeth, mouth, hair and nails;

* positioning and movement of immobile service user.

* Medication, where this is covered (together with the type of assistance) in the client’s Personal Care Plan

Provides assistance with toileting, and the cleaning and emptying of commodes.

Assists service user with physical activity, as needed, e.g. dressing, undressing, walking, sitting, passive exercises etc.

Position’s service user correctly in bed or in a chair, referring always to the risk assessment for guidance in accordance with Berkeley Home Health’s manual handling policy.

Assists service user to eat and drink, as needed, being aware of nutritional needs and cultural requirements; reports any unexpected inability or desire to eat or drink.

Ensures that any significant changes to a client’s health and emotional condition are communicated to Berkeley Home Health manager without delay.

Supports the community nurse (or other competent person) in delivering care to a dying client, offering support to relatives and friends.

2. Support Services

Actively participates in the delivery of support services as identified in the client’s Personal Care Plan.

Such duties may include:

* food and drink preparation;

* laundry, general cleaning and housekeeping duties;

* participating with the client in social, leisure and recreational activities;

* talking with service user, and acting as a “companion”;

* accompanying the client on trips out;

* shopping;

* assisting the client to manage his/her personal affairs;

* collecting pension or other benefits;

* paying bills;

* helping the client maintain contact with family and friends.

Maintains accurate records in respect of care given, tasks undertaken, monies transacted etc.

Participates in meetings, reviews etc where the care worker’s direct knowledge of the care of the client is an essential element in the process.

This job description aims to provide the applicant or employee with an accurate and concise summary of the job and its main duties and responsibilities.

However, it is not intended to be restrictive or absolute.

Person Specification

Work Experience

One year’s experience working with others in a team environment, ideally in delivering personal services

Knowledge, Skills and Training

Ability to understand (through oral or written communication) a simple set of instructions, and if necessary, relay to others in the team. Literate, with basic numerical ability

If not qualified, commits to participate in an appropriate course of study, e.g. NVQ in Care at level 2

Understanding and application of the normal duties and responsibilities of a Care Worker. Has received training in manual handling, and has started (or completed) a NVQ in Care

Personal Characteristics

Cheerful, outgoing personality, Interested in the care and welfare of others. Able to handle difficult situations with empathy and consideration. Retains confidential information.

Team player

Key Personal Responsibilities

* Carrying out duties at all times in a manner consistent with the code of conduct issued by the General Social Care Council and which specifically protects and promotes the independence, dignity and respect of the client;

* Protecting the confidentiality of all information relating to a client, or a client’s family, and not divulging such information to anyone who is not authorised to receive it;

* Carrying out duties at all times in a courteous, caring and sympathetic manner;

* Carrying out duties at all times in a manner which has appropriate regard to the health, safety and welfare of both themselves and others and reports to the client, agency Manager (or other Competent Person) any equipment that is, or is thought to be, not in good working order;

* Working with, and communicating information about the condition (or change in condition) and welfare of service user to relatives and carers, other agencies and professionals, such as District Nurses, GP’s, involved in the care process, in a responsive, timely and appropriate fashion;

* Respecting the beliefs and dignity of the service user and their relatives at all times;

* Being conversant with agency policies, e.g. health and safety, administration of medicines, confidentiality etc;

* Reporting any complaints, accidents, problems or untoward occurrences to a competent person;

* Participation in ongoing staff training, including NVQ in Care, health and safety, manual handling, etc.

* Keeping Berkeley Home Health informed of any change in circumstances which may impact his/her employment, including any new offences (including motoring offences) for which he/she may have been cautioned, reprimanded or convicted

Job Details

Full Time
Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
72.00 - 84.00 Day

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