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Lake District Care

Catterlen, Cumbria, United Kingdom, GBP 9 - 9 per hour,


Thank you for your interest in the job vacancy.
The post is based near Newton Reigny, 3 miles from Penrith, in a lovely countryside location. Unfortunately there is no bus service, so you will need to be a car driver.   We are looking for a female carer for personal care duties. The job is to provide personal care and housekeeping duties to a couple in their 80s. My mother has brain damage similar to alzheimers, rarely double incontinence, and Parkinsons, and needs 24hr care. She has epilepsy, but rare and well controlled. My father has a bad heart and COPD, but can look after himself.  My mother is delightful, when in a good mood, but when tired can be bad tempered. We need someone who is very kind, sensible, practical, gentle, patient, calm, and able to deal with challenging behaviour.

The morning slot can vary, but Pamela’s meds are always given at 8.30 am, often Mum will get up then, but sometimes she will stay in bed up until 10am if she is tired in which case we make sure she is clean and dry and let her rest, getting her up and gently showered, applying cream to sore places, and dressed later on.  Next comes giving her  breakfast, putting the bedlinen in the washing machine and remaking the bed. Mum has a carer who comes at 9.30, so then you would wash up, put away washing from yesterday, take rubbish to the garage, prepare shopping lists, and think about dinner for later, Mr Morrell may cook.
 Once everything is done you are free, so sometime between 9.30 and 11.30am depending on the day you can knock off and do your own thing until 5pm, after Mum's in bed she will need a toilet visit, so the evenings could be over from 8pm except + 10.30pm or later, toilet visit.

The evening is taking over from the day carer at 5pm, until Mum goes to bed, usually between 7.30 to 9.30pm.
 The duties are settling Mum down with tablets and tea by the TV.     Mr Morrell is a keen cook when he has the energy, so he may prepare food, but only a small simple meal is required, easy to swallow because of Mums parkinsons.
 During the evening, helping mum to the toilet,  about every hour to keep her dry,  keeping her company watching tv or listening to music.  Washing up and tidying around, finishing laundry etc. Helping her to bed between 7.30 -9.30 pm when she wants to go.
 There is a spare room on the same floor with a TV where you can sit if you finish your jobs and are not needed, but can be on call.

The Sunday can include from 10am to 5pm and is keeping mum company, going out for a drive, lunch, visiting a garden centre or museum for instance, watching TV in the house etc. She can walk a short distance, but also uses a wheelchair for longer distances. If we settle down and it works well, there can be more days as we have natural loss of our lovely existing day carers.

If you are interested in the post we do have a self contained flat with wifi and ensuite.   It would be handy if you could be on call at night or sleep in the spare room to help if necessary, but this would be negotiated.

We pay £9 an hour through a wages agency so we cannot pay cash in hand. They deal with tax and N.I.
We would need to discuss time off and holidays. If 2 people apply, maybe that can do half a week each or alternate weeks. Or work so many weeks and then have a week off, or  2 weekends off. We would need to work this out depending on who applies for the post and how they want to work.

If you are interested in the post, can you email back giving details of your informal and formal caring experience, your age, nationality, CRB status, any qualifications, two references,  when you could start, a bit about yourself and your interests, your previous work experience, and describe your qualities that would make you suitable for this job, and what type of time off you require etc.

Thank you very much!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kirstie Garside, Sarah Lovett, and Tom Morrell.

Job Details

Sat 30 Dec
Catterlen, Cumbria, United Kingdom
GBP 9 - 9 per hour

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