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Employed Live-In Carer

-Nationwide, United Kingdom, GBP 490 - 679 per week Travel expenses; Food allowance; Free PPE; Free Training, Employed (PAYE)

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Sunshine Care Ltd


Employed Live in Carer

To provide care and support for elderly or disabled people in their own homes on a 24 hour, 7 day week, live-in basis.
We provide services to people with a range of conditions and illnesses. There are people who are physically fit, those convalescing after hospital operations, those who have early or severe stages of dementia.  Other service users are those people who are severely disabled, perhaps by a stroke or car accident and need full personal care and use of special equipment and also people who are terminally ill.
Duties will include support with all aspects of daily living such as housekeeping, helping people to wash, dress and undress, toileting, bathing, meal preparation and prompting medication.
Even though as our employees you will be regularly supervised, you will usually be on your own with the service user in their house, so previous care or nursing experience is essential. Ability to drive is preferred, but not essential, as many of our clients live in rural areas.
Live-in workers usually work on a six to four-week on, two-week off, pattern, depending on the needs of the person they are working with.
Our government will not issue work permits for this type of work, so you must have a right to work in the UK (EU passport, working holiday maker visa, etc.)
We need to check references and have an enhanced criminal records check, along with a satisfactory interview before we can offer work. If you are offered work you then have to pass a Care Certificate on-line course and visit our training centres for 2 days practical training.
Because the recruitment and training process are quite long we are looking for people who will stay with us for at least 12 weeks.
If you are interested in applying for a job please email your C.V., showing your full work history, current location and stating what type of visa/work permit you have.

What we need from you

Apart from being eligible to work in the UK, you must be of good character, well presented, fit and active. You must also be kind, patient and prepared to respect and fit in with the client’s lifestyle. You need to be organised and able to work alone and on your own initiative.
As a live-in carer you will need, as a minimum, some previous experience in a caring capacity and the ability to run a home and cook to a reasonable standard. Duties include planning menus, shopping, cooking, light housework, plus driving and attending appointments or outings with your client. You will also be expected to give some assistance with washing, dressing, bathing and personal grooming. If you have previous care work experience or a nursing background then your duties might also include assistance with complex personal or emotional care needs, depending on your aptitude and skills.
We will also need you to meet our person specification and be available to work for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Duration of Positions

Positions vary in duration from 2 weeks relief/ respite care up to 8 weeks or longer according to client requirements and your availability. If you want to travel and see the UK and Europe, live-in work can be perfect. You can work for a while, take some time off and then come back at a later date when you are free again. Some people even return to the same client over and over again.

Working Hours & Time Off

You will be working for 7 days per week and can expect to be available to the client for 8 hours per day, although the work will not be fully demanding for the whole of this period. You can expect to have at least two breaks of 2 / 3 hours per day.  A Daily Average Hours Agreement will be discussed with you prior to commencement and a copy of discussions sent to you.

Food, Accommodation & Travel Expenses

Your food and accommodation is provided by the client and your travel expenses, up to £49 each way, in getting to and from the position, will be reimbursed.

Weekly Pay

Current live-in care salary £490-£679 per week.
Salary varies due to complexity of needs with Christmas/New Year double pay enhancements and normal bank holiday enhancements of 50% above normal pay.
Employees are paid weekly; and we manage all your tax and national insurance and pay statutory sickness benefit.
We pay above the new “National Living Wage”; and ensure that you have sufficient breaks throughout the day.
We will pay your salary and make all the necessary deductions for tax and national insurance. You will be paid weekly direct to your bank account.  Your pay is related to the Condition of the Client and by reference to Market rates.  We do not relate it to actual time worked.


Only work up to eight hours per day

Accommodation arranged when attending Training.
> Generous ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme.
> 5.6 weeks holiday entitlement per annum included in salary.
> Free Care Certificate Training at Induction stage; and free Update and Specialist Training throughout your career with us.
> We provide support from Regional Care Managers, Registered Nursing Team, Specialist Trainers and Office Support Team; including 24/7 emergency support.
> We manage all DBS submissions and references on your behalf.

Holiday Pay

Your holiday pay, equivalent to the current national minimum entitlement, is included within your basic pay.


Duties usually combine elements of housekeeping, social assistance and personal care in varying degrees according to client requirements.  Therefore, each position is unique in terms of the pay on offer and the required skills and aptitude.  However, as a general guide the following will apply:-

As a Basic Live-in Carer

You will need, as a minimum, some previous experience in a caring capacity and the ability to run a home and cook to a reasonable standard. Duties include planning menus, shopping, cooking, light housework, plus driving and attending appointments or outings with your client. You will also be expected to give some assistance with washing, dressing, bathing, toileting and personal grooming. You should also be willing to undertake our induction training and further training from time-to-time to increase your skills.

As an Experienced Live-in Carer

Your duties will include those outlined above plus such other personal care tasks as your level of experience or training permits. You should also be willing to undertake our induction training and further training from time-to-time to increase your skills.

As a Nurse working as a Live-in Carer

Your duties will also include those outlined above but your experience and training will allow you to take on more complex positions. You should also be willing to undertake our induction training and further training from time-to-time to increase your skills.

Person Specification

Essential Qualities & Requirements
o Previous experience in a caring capacity.
o Willingness to undertake training to increase or update skills.
o Good cooking skills appropriate to older people.
o Ability to run a home and keep it clean.
o Good driver with clean driving licence.
o Physically and mentally fit for the job and in good health.
o Neat and tidy appearance, appropriate dress sense and good personal hygiene.
o Flexible and resilient with a good sense of humour.
o Good command of spoken and written English.
o Good communication, observation and reporting skills
o Honest, reliable and trustworthy.
o An appreciation of older people and the capacity to value them as individuals.
o Ability to understand and work with older people from a range of cultural and social backgrounds.
o Ability to understand the beliefs, values, practices, customs and needs of older people and to recognise that they may be different from own.
o Ability to fit in with the chosen life style of older people and to respect their rights to maintain choice, dignity, privacy and independence in their lives.
o A kind, caring and sensitive approach and the capacity to empathise with the effects that can be generated by the loss of ability and function.
o A capacity to assist older people in maximising their physical and mental potential at all times.
o Well organised and an ability to remain calm and cope in difficult or emergency situations.
o Responsibility for personal conduct and an ability to work alone, unsupervised and on own initiative when necessary.
o Ability to recognise personal limitations in terms of isolation, stress, tiredness and the capacity to take the necessary action to prevent any deterioration in working performance or a crisis situation from occurring.
Induction Training

You will need to attend our two day onsite practical training, following a successful interview, before you start work so you should allow for this in your travel plans and expenditure.

If you work for 26 weeks then the Induction training will be absolutely free; and will stand you in good stead wherever you work in the UK. The Care Certificate that you receive is nationally recognised and is transferable between care agencies.  You will also be given workbooks and signed certificates of attendance.

We do not pay travel expenses to and from the training; but your accommodation will be arranged at minimal cost.  Please note that your induction training is part of your application process; and we do not confirm employment until you pass.
Further Training & Supervision

When you start working for us, you will be required to undertake ongoing training. This will involve a combination of onsite courses, and e-learning modules. All training is mandatory, and carers who are unable to complete the required e-learning modules will be expected to attend  onsite days instead. Again, we do not pay time or travel expenses for this.
 We currently run short courses from time-to-time on the following subjects:-
o Aids to Independent Living
o Dementia Management
o Management of Challenging Behaviour
o Manual Handling Update
o Elder Abuse Update
We also offer carers NVQ2 training in domiciliary care. You will have either a one-to-one supervision sessions every week and more formal  supervisions through the year.

Our Application Process

As a start we ask you to complete our Preliminary Work Enquiry on line, or by telephone, so that we can assess your eligibility to proceed with an application for live-in care work. We will then make contact to let you know the outcome and if you are eligible send you our application form and information pack either by email or post. However, if you are already in the UK then you might prefer to telephone us first to make enquiries.
If you are applying from overseas then the best time to make initial contact is at least three months before you leave home to allow adequate time for the application process.
Our information pack sets out the process in detail and also tells you what to do before you come and what happens when you get to the UK. However, we must emphasise here the importance of bringing an up-to-date police check with you from home and the fact that you will also have to complete a UK police check when you arrive.
In order not to delay your work prospects when you arrive in the UK, please bring an up-to-date police check from your own country.  It must be dated within two months of your arrival in the UK.
As well as bringing an up-to-date police check from home, you will be required to complete a UK police check and to pay the current fee when you attend for interview in the UK.
We will acknowledge receipt of your application form and if suitable ask you to contact us again about four weeks before you leave home to arrange interview and induction training dates. In the meantime, we will proceed to take up your references. Once you arrive in the UK it will be very helpful if you contact us to confirm that the dates are still acceptable.
Following successful initial interview and receipt of satisfactory references, we will discuss possible work and ask you to attend our Induction Training.
Please ensure that you have sufficient finances to keep you going for a few weeks when you arrive in the UK to guard against any delays which might prevent you from obtaining work quickly.

Bank Accounts

It can be very difficult for someone newly arrived from overseas to open a bank account in the UK. You are strongly advised to open a UK bank account before you leave home. You can usually arrange this through your own bank at home or through your travel agent (try Thomas Cook). Failing that try

Job Details

Full Time
-Nationwide, United Kingdom
Employed (PAYE)
GBP 490 - 679 per week, Travel expenses; Food allowance; Free PPE; Free Training

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