Dementia-specialist Live in Helper & Companion

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£1015 - 1190/per week

Job Description

Dementia Specialist

Seeking a self-employed, client-centred, female live-in helper with solid dementia experience and strong emotional maturity to support my 93-year-old mother who has Alzheimers-dementia (late stages of moderate phase).

Client is mobile, continent and manages her own personal care. She has strong pride and desire to retain her independence & sense of purpose but, due to declining cognition + variable insight/capacity & memory, is unable to manage on her own. The role is to collaboratively support her in managing at home - household chores, washing & ironing, doing bits in the garden, going for walks, cooking and eating together, conversation and companionship.

The client can be a delight and lovely company but experiences mood changes. Therefore it is essential the candidate has a robust understanding of dementia and how to manage cognition/processing challenges and difficult behaviours (confusion, irritation/agitation, delusional thinking, anxiety and fear-based behaviours, unpredictable memory). Training in 'Contented Dementia' (SPECAL method or similar) would be a strong advantage. Emotional resilience is important.

Candidate must be calm, patient, respectful of the way the client likes things done, and flexible in approach. You will need to truly be able to understand through the eyes of the person living with Alzheimers-Dementia - to embrace the client as the teacher and be willing to learn from them and adapt to their ways. Happy demeanour and sense of humour desirable.

Double vaccinated. Non-smoker. Driver (UK licence) preferred - manual car can be provided.

Clear spoken English as the client likes to chat but her hearing and comprehension is not always the sharpest. Conversation can be repetitive.

2-3 hour breaks each day, on-site. Extended breaks can be taken off-site when family visits. Sleeping nights. Large-village location with good amenities and transport links (26 miles north of Central London). Own bedroom and bathroom. Wifi.

Working schedule – open to discussion.  

Ideal start date 30 May 2022. 

Guidance and support provided by family.

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May 2022


Hertfordshire, UK


£1015 - 1190/per week Salary - to be agreed based on experience and fit

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Full Time

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Self Employed