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£832.71 - 832.71/per week

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We are looking for a new live in carer to join the team looking after my mother who has vascular dementia. She is non-verbal but does engage socially to a limited extent and requires help with all aspects of her care. My Father also lives at the house but does not need any direct care though of course the domestic duties also benefit him. He is a very personable retired academic.

There is some flexibility about the amount of work, ideally we are looking for 7 days in 4 weeks but would be open to 4 days in 4 weeks if you have more limited availability. The first uncovered slot begins on the 29th July but there is scope to move shifts around to accommodate your availability, both at the outset and indeed for holidays etc.

Main Duties:
Personal Duties: Full personal care for Iris Rogers, including: washing, feeding, dressing, ensuring medication is taken, and providing exercise and entertainment opportunities.

Domestic Duties: Food preparation and general household cleaning, including using washing/dryer for clothes washing. Ensuring that the household environment is safe for both Nigel and Iris to navigate.

Social Duties: Being a companion for Iris, providing entertainment and companionship - helping her to complete jigsaws / read books / watch television / go for short walks etc - whatever is most successful for Iris at the time.

Travelling with Iris to any medical or other appointments.

Any other reasonable duties that may be necessary. These duties may vary from day to day.

A Standard Operating Procedure is available in the communication book which lists methods for day-to-day tasks which are known to work well, such as maintaining Iris’ hydration and avoiding bedsores.

NB, It is important to maintain communication between PAs by filling in the communication book at the end of any work period. There is also a WhatsApp group for more informal communication.

Hours of work: 7 days every 4 weeks. Within this time, flexible hours to be mutually agreed totaling no more than a 12 hour shift including a break of 1-2 hours each day. The break is to be taken at a point when Iris is clean, washed and resting whilst Nigel is in the house, typically this is around 2pm. No work is required in the evenings, once Iris is in bed however Iris will need to be repositioned in the bed at some point during her sleep either just before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning.

Rate of Pay : £110 per 24 hour period, to be reviewed annually on the 1st January with an automatic raise linked to the living wage. An additional £10 per handover period to cover the expected 30 minutes to 1 hour of PA overlap required. Top-ups relating to holiday and pension allowance add a further £7.53 per day.
We require an invoice from you after each shift. Payment will be made on receipt of your invoice.
For example a 7 day shift would be invoiced at 7 x £117.53 + £10 = £832.71

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Dolphinholme, Lancashire, UK


£832.71 - 832.71/per week Bank holidays at 1.5x

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Part Time

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