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At Blue Sky Enabling we work to enable people with complex needs to live a life of their own choosing, in their own home, for the whole of their life, as included members of their community.

We are a fully accredited preferred provider of high quality flexible live-in and person-centred services to adults of all ages living with impairments, long-term or terminal issues.  We specilise in working with older people with dementias and degenerative conditions, and with younger adults with LD, Autism and complex needs.

What distinguishes Blue Sky Enabling is that we focus on each person’s capacity and sense of personal identity so that we can work with them to nurture those aspects of life that have most meaning to them. Working with a person on what matters most to them enables them to fully engage with life. Enabling is a way of working with someone that can bring moments of real happiness and joy.

The aim of good quality enabling support and domiciliary care must always be to promote a way of life for a person that permits them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings.

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