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Live in carer

Birmingham, United Kingdom, GBP 450 per week, Self Employed


I am looking for a live in carer for my dad, he has vascular dementia and is currently in hospital. We was looking at a nursing home, but my dad is more settled again now. This job will not come without its difficulties, we are looking for preferably a male, but the right female it could be OK. My dad hasn't been home since April, we are currently doing a home assessment, this in itself may pose problems, although he is desperate to get home.

My dad needs full support with all his care needs, he is a bit of a stroppy opinionated strong person, he is ex forces, and proud of that. He has a very strong personality and will say he does what he wants when he wants. 

He gets very frustrated with not being able to explain and discuss what he wants, he finds it very difficult at times communicating and gets very frustrated with this. 

He likes to be active, loves his garden, enjoys golfing, fishing and all sports, although this is more as an observer. He likes to go to the pub, although this is with no alcohol these days. He loves travelling and going on holidays, although this is proving impossible as routine is very important to keeping him well. He does enjoy talking about his travels. He likes to go out, be out and about, he will just travel around in the car when you are out, although he is not a brilliant passenger as he is used to being the driver.

He has a history of failed care packages, some of these have not been my dads fault, but some have. He has been assaultative but this appears to mainly be around personal care, and when he is being rushed and doesn't fully understand why someone is trying to take his clothes off. He is 80 and getting frail, he was a boxer and thinks he can still fight when needed to protect himself.

My dad cannot manage the stairs safely, we are currently making the adaptations to his house, so he can live downstairs with everything that is needed, that will leave the upstairs FREE for the right carer.

We are looking for someone who will keep my dad safe and occupied through this debilitating illness, we want someone who will work with and support the family in keeping my dad at home for as long as is safe to do so.

The right person will need to be patient, caring, understanding and work with and support the family. We will support the carer for this to be successful. 

My dad really struggles to understand his world as it is at the moment but as a family we believe this will more manageable in his home environment.

Ideally we would like someone who was willing to stay the duration of my dad being able to stay at home, we believe that continuity will help to keep him as well as what is possible, with a disease that is not going to stand still. 

I am not in a position to move in with my dad as I am a nurse, and foster children. The rest of the family is busy with full time careers and their own families. We will do whatever we can to ensure this is successful, the safety of my dad and the carer will always be the most important concern.

Working terms will be negotiable and flexible, around what can be reasonably and safely put in place.

Job Details

Full Time
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Self Employed
GBP 450 per week

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