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Care for Sue Beadle

Barnet, London, United Kingdom, GBP 30000 per year, Self employed or Employed (PAYE)


Hi there,


Myself and my siblings are looking for a kind and competent carer to help us with our 77 year old mother, Sue.


We are looking for 5 days a week live in care, with 2 days covered by the current part-time carer.  Days on and off are entirely negotiable. 


We are able to offer £700 p/w (with negotiation) + food and expenses.


About Sue and the role

Sue was diagnosed with Dementia 5 years ago.  She also lives with COPD.


Sue is wonderful.  She is glamorous, kind, calm and has a wonderfuly wicked sense of humour.  She is brilliant company.


She loves animals, movies and the cinema and shopping and is an absolute pleasure to be around. Sue was a former model, and it shows!


It’s difficult to meet mum and not think she is wonderful. 


Sue currently has a carer, her name is Edit, and they have built a wonderful rapport. Edit was employed 2 years ago for 3 days a week (9-5pm).  Edit adapted her hours with us to work 1 month on and 1 month off, owing to the challenges of the pandemic.


The role

We are now looking for a live in carer, 5 days a week, with 2 days off work (4 weeks holiday) to join us and work in rotation with the current carer and alongside Sue's 4 children. 


We are looking for someone with compassion for the illness, and being mindful of mums pride and dignity.  


Mostly Sue enjoys company, and as her condition progresses, we feel more comfortable with someone being at the house in a more consistent capacity. We also think it’s important to bring someone in at this stage in her illness so that a rapport and trust could be built.


Sue is most content being in the company of someone fun loving, sharing a joke.  Sue enjoys getting her hair done, dressing nicely and keeping on top of her appearance. She has always been very glamorous.  I feel that this side of things are very important to mum, so must be prioritised.


Mum takes pride in her home, so it is essential that this is maintained to a good standard.


Pre pandemic, Sue would attend a weekly hair appointment, go to the cinema regularly, go shopping and to cafes, and walking her small dog in the woods. These are all activities she loved to do and we hope to return to.


Mum’s needs are very minimal.  She sleeps throughout the night.  She has good mobility minus breathlessness from the COPD.  She has a bubbly and bright personality.  There is no challenging behaviour and no wandering, or leaving the house.  Presently, she is able to be left unaccompanied and happy for a few hours.


Although Sue sleeps well through the night, she will need care as soon as she wakes and needs assistance undressing for bed time too.  Her needs in the day are minimal other than companionship, meal preparation and possible activities.  There would be light housekeeping duties.


Sue requires help getting dressed and undressed, as well as supervision/ prompts for washing. 


A carer would oversee the administration of Sue's medication -  2 inhalers twice a day, a Donepezil 1 x at night.


The role, at this stage is mostly companionship and making sure mums day to day quality of life is filled with love and attention. 


The carer would also be trained in mums needs and current routine by the family and carer


We hope that the carer could commit to this role for at least 1 year, and with the potential to adapt as mums needs change.


About the accommodation

The role is based in Enflied/ Barnet EN4.


The accommodation is set within a three bedroom house, in a quiet and pleasant area with a lovely large garden.


There are two small, low maintenance and very friendly dogs (soon to be one), and a house cat.  It would be ideal if the carer liked animals.

The bedroom has a private bathroom.


The carer would have full access to a car.  Driving is necessary.


Sue’s family visit regularly


Wifi access.


Job Description and requirements

  • 5 days a week
  • 2 days off per week
  • 4 week holiday
  • Car provided
  • Food provided
  • A kind, committed, dynamic, reliable, compassionate, friendly, fun loving, clean individual with a great sense of humour. Experience with Dementia or similar.  
  • Must be an animal lover.
  • Driving license necessary.
  • Care and training certificates to be provided.
  • Good English. 
  • Provides support, encouragement, and companionship by engaging Sue in activities, such as playing games, visiting places, taking walks, or having conversations.
  • Meal preparation
  • Food shopping
  • Maintaining of healthy routines
  • Organising phone calls with friends and family
  • Household chores such as laundry, dishes, changing sheets, and other basic cleaning.  A full time cleaner is also employed.
  • Arranges or provides transportation to appointments - hair and doctors
  • Basic administration - managing doctors appointments 
  • Speaks with family to arrange schedule and activities and stay apprised of Sue’s well-being and needs
  • Helps with self-care, such as toileting, bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, etc
  • Engages Sue in light exercise - walking or dancing or similar
  • Dispenses and administers medications 
  • Assists with dressing and undressing
  • Companionship and fun!


3 month minimum notice period.


For further information about the role, family or the client, please contact



Job Details

Full Time
Barnet, London, United Kingdom
Self employed or Employed (PAYE)
GBP 30000 per year